We're re-thinking apartment living

it's not broken, but we think we can make it better



  • talk to them

    get your questions answered

    Many discussions are relevant beyond your building. We believe that you should be able to talk to an audience that is as little or large as required. Need to know who manages the development next door? Want to find out how a community deals with the issues that you face? Get access to the audience that can answer your questions.

  • gain influence

    add more voices

    Add the voice of hundreds to your own. You're a resident, so your words, recommendations and experiences will carry weight. We've watched residents steer local businesses, disrupt bad planning applications and improve services. We want to put this influence much closer to your fingertips.

  • save money

    consolidate and compare

    You should be able to track the things that matter. How do your services charges compare to similar developments? Where are they making their savings? Why are your neighbours' energy bills much lower than yours? This information should be available without you having to ask.

  • build a business

    an audience to die for

    Do you have a skill, service, product or even app idea that is relevant to your community? You have access to an audience that local businesses would kill for. If it's popular within your development, we want to help you exploit it more widely.



  • re-use what you have

    tired of filling in forms?

    Need to draft a new tenancy agreement? Want to put your property on the market? Put your place on Airbnb, flat swap or remortgage? All require bits of data about your development or flat that probably already exist. Wouldn't it be nice if you could get to it with the click of a button?

  • find stuff you need

    Going hyper-local

    Google won't tell you how to increase your broadband speed for your particular flat. It can't tell you the best place to buy replacement bulbs or whether you are allowed to put plant pots on your balcony. This is all hyper local, hyper relevant information, and it should be easy to get at.

  • make things less DIFFICULT

    It shouldn't be so hard

    Many processes we've seen are complex, laborious and painful. Worse, they're tackled individually time and again. Whether extending your lease, switching to a new managing agent or resolving a noise nuisance. This should be easier.



  • emergency

    Get messages to your neighbours immediately

    Crime, flood or fire. It's crazy that residents can't get messages to their neighbours in an emergency. We think it should be standard.

  • by block

    Or building, floor or apartment

    Most of the time you talk to your neighbours it's to get something done. We think it's simpler to address messages by apartment, building, floor or block. Anyone on the ground floor hear that noise last night? Can the person in apartment five tell me where he bought his balcony furniture? How do people in the neighbouring building tackle this problem with their managing agent?

  • by role

    targeted messaging

    Target your message to the person who owns the blue car that's parked in your spot. Or to the owner of parking bay nine. Or to anyone who knows anything about plumbing. Or to apartment ten's landlord (and not the tenant).